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Meet Generation Zalpha: introducing brands’ most demanding, yet most rewarding audience

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Four reasons why brands should sit up and take note of this next generation of shoppers

Zalphas are nine to 14 years old, they are the most diverse and digitally-savvy generation in history – and they can go on social media and rip your company apart with one well-timed TikTok. But, win them over, and you’ll boast a squad of intensely loyal, engaged and creative devotees who’ll go to bat for you for years to come.

Meet Generation Zalpha: introducing brands’ most demanding, yet most rewarding audience

How project manifestos can help to shape design

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The statements of intent that underpin our HATTER Pride campaign

How project manifestos can help to shape design

How project manifestos can help to shape design

“Cute Brute is when I finally found my voice – and I love being able to share that with the community”

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Cute Brute on his collaboration with HATTER Pride 2023

I was incredibly happy to jump into this collab with HATTER because I felt it was authentically queer. It didn’t feel like marketing, it felt like a real conversation with the community.


Why online shopping is to offline what porn is to sex

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Brands and agencies must turn their attention to the exciting possibilities of physical retail

For too long, retail brands and agencies have focused on digital shopping, prioritising online sales, service and branding, to the detriment of in-person store spaces. Focusing, in effect, on the porn rather than the sex.


Positive Recklessness: a way of living

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Our manifesto on why we’re fully embracing joyful impulsiveness

Lose yourself in the moment. Say, “F*** it, let’s see what happens”. Channel your inner desire to play. Stop caring about what anyone else thinks.


When digital worlds and IRL collide

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Why online communities thrive in physical spaces

Both worlds offer different versions of the same thing: community, acceptance, and shared adventures. Digital communities will continue to seek out physical spaces to connect – and that’s a positive thing for all of us, whether digital natives or novices.


Capturing Positive Recklessness in wax

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The story behind the HATTER x Studio Wavelength candle collaboration

In summer 2022, HATTER teamed up with Studio Wavelength, an Amsterdam-based scentualist design studio, to create our original candle 'Fresh Take', ready for release over the New Year.


‘I’m not playing your game’: 5 hard lessons we’ve learned from working with kids

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Why channelling a kids-as-clients mentality pushes creativity to new heights

Kids: a more demanding, judgemental, meticulous and fussy audience it would be hard to find. It’s brilliant. And awful. But mostly brilliant.

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