HATTER is an agency founded in Amsterdam that creates spaces, places, and experiences all over the world where joyful impulsiveness can thrive.

We work with brands to achieve meaningful engagement with audiences through the creation of experiences that promote Positive Recklessness.

What we do...

Strategy & Concepting

This is how we connect you to your audience.

  • KPI development
  • Experience framework
  • Audience exploration
  • Consumer journey
  • Touchpoint assessments
  • Content and messaging
  • Tiering strategy
  • Playbooks

Creative & Design

This is how we build stuff that will blow your mind.

  • Spatial design
  • Experience design
  • Retail and POS design
  • Graphic and wayfinding design
  • AV & interactive design
  • Copywriting
  • Swag design
  • Renders and flythroughs

Production & Run-of-Show

This is how we seamlessly pull it all together.

  • R&D of elements
  • Technical and production drawings
  • Material specs
  • Artwork
  • Partner agency management
  • Production and install management
  • Event management
  • Brand ambassador training
  • Experience handbook

Why we do it…

Connection – true human IRL connection – is essential for our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. We crave it. We seek it out. 

Brands that tap into this need and contribute to counterbalancing digital-only trends will not only positively impact people’s lives, but secure a fiercely loyal customer base. 

We live in a world where IRL connections are diminishing. Where community spaces are being systematically dismantled. Where ‘play’ is undermined, undervalued or misunderstood as ‘competition’. Where winning is fetishised and the definition of success is narrowing.

Brands shouldn’t forget the value of creating space for physical connection – with other people, yes, but also with the brand itself: with its representatives, its products, its environment, and its mission.

That is why HATTER works with brands to provide people with true experiences: moments of magic that offer an escape from daily life. That snap people out of autopilot. That make them feel excited, inspired and free.

HATTER is built upon the unshakeable belief that experiences such as these can change lives.

We are not just another agency, we are HATTER.

Who we are…

The HATTER office is a mix of creatives, strategists, designers, client managers, and producers. Our professional network is extensive, with a close-knit community of world-class AV technicians and fabricators on call.

Diversity means a lot to us. We are proud to be one of the only queer-owned brand experience agencies in the Netherlands.

… & who founder Simon Hatter is

Simon established HATTER in 2017 as a nod to his late father – the driving force behind his creativity. The ambition of the agency has always been to create personal human experiences with a touch of theatricality and showmanship, reflecting Simon’s own creative journey and background in retail, TV and theatre.

Simon has built a strong team around him of fellow believers in the power of true experiences, creating spaces that encourage people to embrace Positive Recklessness.

We believe in the power of collective action and are proud to be working with Ecologi to offset HATTER's carbon footprint.

As a queer-owned business, we proudly support and participate in the Amsterdam Pride Business Club.

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